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I bought an Orange_Livebox off of eBay for the purpose of learning how to put together an embedded operating system.

For the money that I paid I've had countless hours of enjoyable Livebox hacking.

In the spiriting of giving, I've compiled my notes. Some work is original; some is derived from other resources on the internet.

Along the way, this work has resulted in a flexible, open sourced, Home Automation controller. We've named this the Home Automation Hub (HAH). Turning a cheap router into a home automation server.

HAH components can be bought from the shop or drop by the forums if you have any questions about the HAH project and we'll do our best to help you out.

livebox motherboard

Interesting things you can do with your Livebox once you've decided ADSL routing is boring!

  1. Installing the HAH firmware
  2. Publicity - Sites which mention the HAH

Don't have a LIVEBOX?

  1. portable - Installing the HAH system elsewhere (Raspberry PI / Beaglebone / other Linux)
  1. Add on Hardware
    1. assembly - Putting together your external board
    2. About the hah_microcontroller firmware
    3. The xAP adapter program interfaces to the external hardware (relays,1wire,i2c,rf,inputs)
    4. i2c - expandable I/O control endpoints
    5. Universal RF
      1. RF Tx - A programmable 443MHz RF sub-system to control many different devices
      2. RF Rx - A RF receiver decoder framework.
  2. About the webserver
  3. Upgrading Firmware and Backing up your settings
  4. External GUI interface
    1. iServer - TCP/xAP gateway used for xAPFlash/Corona integration
    2. xAPFlash - Flash based GUI interface for xAP
    3. Corona - Building xAP iOS/Android interfaces with Lua
  5. Current Cost - Classic 1, Classic 2, ENVI and EDF.
  6. Using the local CRON daemon for scheduling events
  7. Data feeding Xively aka (Pachube/cosm) - Internet of Things integration
  8. Google Calendar integration
  9. Sending tweets and remote control via Twitter
  10. Mobile phone integration for sending/receiving SMS
  11. Plugboard v2 a rule and action engine built with Lua (older: v1)
  12. Interfacing simple serial devices - Also used for implementing JeeNode integration
  13. JeeNode Integration - bidirectional RF enabled Microcontrollers
    1. airwick - Airwick powered roomNode.
    2. Nanode Gateway - RF to Ethernet standalone solution
    3. bluenode - Bluebooth proximity sensor
    4. roomnode - Temperature, PIR sensor
    5. outputnode - Remote relays
    6. irrxnode - IR signal decoder to xAP
  14. gmail - Sending email alerts with xAP
  15. Graphing
    1. xap_cacti - Monitoring xAP with CACTI
    2. graphite - Feeding a graphite backend
  1. Build the HAH firmware from source code
  2. Getting programmatic control with Python
  3. HAH and the Arduino - integrating microcontrollers
  4. JogglerCommandShell - How to get a Joggler command line
  5. BeagleBonePorting - Porting the HAH to the beaglebone

Have a question, comment or some feedback? Let's talk about it!

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