Room Node

6929394483_150611e518_q.jpg The room node is a sensor unit that can monitor the following environmental conditions.

  • temp - Temperature
  • humi - Humidity (Note; available with a jeenode and the SHT11 sensor board)
  • moved - PIR - for movement detection
  • light - Light
  • lobat - Low Battery
For something that looks really slick you can put this inside an airwick case.

The Arduino sketch has been designed for low power. It's ideal for running from batteries
A precompiled sketch ready for flashing can be found on the HAH google project download page.
Or if you feel up to it you can download the source code for the sketch and compile your own.

For example we have a battery powered unit configured as a RoomNode to monitor temperature using a DS18B20 1wire device.

This unit would be minimally configured to expose the following xAP endpoints; temp, lobat

[ID] = RoomNode{instance="jeenode:bedroom2", endpoints = {temp=1,lobat=1}}
Using the room board from JeeLabs you can optionally use the SHT11 which has both Temperature and Humidity however this is a rather more pricey option.

In this configuration we have fitted a board with light sensor and temperature sensor but it will be powered from a 5v USB power supply using its programming cable.

With LDR and Temperature sensor attached

The DS18B20 temperature sensor must be plugged into Port 1 - Legend P1 on the PCB and it uses the following connection 'P' (Power), 'D' (Data), 'G' (Ground). As the temp sensor uses a 1-wire bus you need (4.7k) pullup resistor between 'D' and 'P'.

The temperature sensor is powered directly by the battery (or USB) supply. So, don't use a battery that has a voltage greater than 5.5V (we use 3xAA cells)

The LDR light sensor fits onto Port 4, legend P4 on the PCB. One leg of the LDR goes to pin 'A' (Analogue) the other goes to 'G' (Ground)

If the above board was configured as ID 2 - we could use the following configuration setting to enable just the Temperature and Light endpoints, there is no point in reporting on Low Battery as this unit would be permanently powered.

[ID] = RoomNode{ instance="jeenode:bedroom2", endpoints = {temp=1,light=1} }

The RoomNode2 sketch will also support the DHT11 sensor which is a drop in replacement for the DS18B20 and adds temperature and humidity; with change in the code to select this device instead.

Room Node Twin

Identical to Room Node but has an additional 1wire sensor for Temperature on JeePort2 (PD.5) See nodule_io_pins for wiring.

Exposes the additional endpoint

  • temp2 - Temperature
RoomNodeTwin = require("xap.roomnodetwin")

[3] = RoomNodeTwin{instance="jeenode:3", endpoints={temp=1,temp2=1}, ttl=900},

This Decoder and Sketch is handy if you have Node in a room with temp sensor on an extension cable and want to monitor another room, an heating/air conditioning duct output for the room or simple a sensor outside the window.

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