Building a console server


With the inclusion of the usb_serial_support kernel driver we can put the livebox to some other uses.

Termnetd. A Serial over LAN daemon -

These notes where written before discovering how to completely replace the wanadoo firmware. With the HAH firmware all these issues go away. This binary is not shipped in the STD HAH firmware it must be added afterwards.

There are several hurdles to overcome if /dev/ttyS0 is to be used

  • A login process started by init and the /etc/inittab is ran against this device
  • syslog is redirected to /dev/console

Attempts at disable the login process have so far failed. Perhaps it will require the modification of the filesystem and re-flashing to remove this functionality. As an alternative investigate whether the USB port could support a serial device.

The original source code will only accept devices that are located in the /dev directory. As this is a read-only filesystem a small modification to the LEXical scanner that processes the termnetd.conf file is needed so that ttyUSB0 from /tmp can be utilised. Until the filesystem can be altered

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