xAP Adapter

This daemon, also called xap-livebox, interfaces the external AVR HARDWARE on the serial port with the xAP control protocol.

# xap-livebox --help
Livebox Connector for xAP
Copyright (C) DBzoo, 2008-2010

xap-livebox: [options]
  -i, --interface IF     Default br0
  -s, --serial DEV       Default /dev/ttyS0
  -b, --baud RATE        Default 115200
  -d, --debug            0-7
  -h, --help

We use the WINDOWS .ini file format to store all our configuration parameters

There are several sections in the /etc/xap-livebox.ini which are use to control and configure its runtime behaviour.

The webserver interacts with this daemon by using an internal ( socket connection on port 79. This allows each component to be restarted independently of the other. If the web server fails to communicate with the xap-livebox daemon you will see the message “?” being displayed on the webserver. If this occurs, verify that the xap-livebox process is running.

These sections allow us to configure user friendly names that will appear on the webserver interface. The xAP protocol does not make use of these labels.

input1.label=Input 1
input2.label=Input 2
input3.label=Input 3
input4.label=Input 4
relay1.label=Relay 1
relay2.label=Relay 2
relay3.label=Relay 3
relay4.label=Relay 4

The inputs are exposed as four pairs of terminal blocks. Simply short the adjacent terminals together to turn the input on. Looking at the connectors, with the LCD connector on the right, each pair is one input. Numbered (left to right) 2,1,4,3. If your environment is 'noisy' you might need to add an external pullup resistor on the input pin.

# Up to 15x 1-wire devices may be supported increasing the number
# beyond what you have attached simply presents more xAP endpoints than
# you have devices for.

Each sensor can be given a label using the nomenclature “sensor#.label=<your label>”. These are best setup using the WEB interface but can be done manually too. The assigned label will be included in the xAP message that is generated when the temperature changes. The 'displaytext' tag will have the format 'displaytext=<label> <temperature>' e.g. displaytext=Inside 21.0

1wire devices can be setup with a calibration (offset) and hysteresis. This allows you to adjust the reading from each device to allow for variances in their readings. The hysteresis is used to prevent jitter from the devices triggering an event message. The offset may be positive or negative. The hysteresis is a positive value. Both values are floating point.

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