These instructions will enable you to get a command line prompt on your Joggler using O2 firmware.


Step 1. download ubuntu image and write it to a USB pendrive

Step 2. Booting and enabling telnetd

  • Plug in a USB HUB to your joggler and into this the USB stick with Ubuntu and a USB keyboard.
  • Switch on your joggler and wait for the console login prompt.
  • Login to Ubuntu mount the O2 firmware and enable the telnetd daemon
login: joggler
password: joggler

sudo su
mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt
/mnt/sbin/nvram -w net.login=YES
umount /mnt

Now you have TELNETD enabled on your Joggler you can use this to setup SSHD. Unplug all the USB devices and reboot.

Step 3. Enable SSHD

Connected to dhcp-192-168-1-117.local (
Escape character is '^]'.

atom login: root

OpenPeak Atom BSP ("Frame")
Copyright(C) 2008 OpenPeak, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Now that you are in you can setup SSHD

cd /tmp
chmod 777 breakin

Step 4. Did you want the iServer + xAP stuff iserver_installation

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