There are a few ways to get SSH up and running.

This first method enables both SSH (for command line login) and SCP (for secure file copying). It also includes a little script for changing the default password and can be run multiple times, so you can use it to reset your password should you forget it. Simply attach the USB stick again and reboot.

This method can also be used to add SCP to a Joggler that has already had SSH enabled through any other method on this page. Just be aware that your password will be reset to 'joggler' and the username will change to 'joggler'.

Please make sure that you are running software version 26635.S3 (June 25 2010) before running this on your Joggler.

If your software is not up to date, the script will not run and neither SSH nor SCP will be enabled.

  • Download
  • Copy zip file onto a blank FAT16 or FAT32 formatted USB stick.
  • Decompress the contents of the zip file.
  • Make sure all of the files are present, including the '.sum' file.
  • Eject the USB stick from your computer and connect it to a powered-off Joggler.
  • Power on the Joggler and wait until the normal interface appears.

The default username and password are:

USERNAME: joggler
PASSWORD: joggler

You should now be able to get SSH and SCP access using a Terminal application or file transfer utility, eg.

ssh joggler@<ip_of_your_joggler>

You can find your Joggler's IP address by using the Settings app and choosing 'Network'.

To change your password, keep the USB stick attached to the Joggler, log in using the details above and issue the following command:

/mnt/ <password>

This will change the Joggler user's password.

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