Web MP3 Streaming

I now have all my music on the NSLU and use EDNA to stream to my native MP3 player.

I configured the domain name mp3.dbzoo.com as a CNAME for dbzoo.dyndns.org which is a DDNS domain automatically updated by my router.

This way I don't have to remember the IP address of my home.

Light HTTPD is small lightweight HTTP server very suitable for the task:

ipkg install lighttpd

I use Light http to listen on port 80 and transparently forward this request to the appropriate backend webservice. EDNA is also running on the SLUG. However if in the future I want to move EDNA I only need to adjust the proxy rule.

/opt/etc/lighthttp/lighthttp.conf - enable MOD_PROXY then add the following.

server.modules              = (

Setup up a Virtual hostname redirect

$HTTP["host"] == "mp3.dbzoo.com" {
  proxy.server = (
    "" => (
      "mp3" => (
      "host" => "",
      "port" => 8082

Download the EDNA distribution

cd /root
wget http://surfnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/edna/edna-0.6.tar.gz

Modify the edna.conf file. You will need to at least configure:

auth = user:password
port = 8082
dir1 = /public/music = Jukebox

Make sure you have python installed

# ipkg install python

Startup EDNA

# edna edna.conf
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