SqueezePlay on the Joggler

The Joggler makes an excellent UI for the HomeAutomationHub. However the xapFlash application isn't the only worthwhile Joggler app.

I'd been meaning to sort out my digital music collection for a while and recently purchased an HP Microserver to host all the files. Having pulled these into one place, the next thing to think about was howto play the music. A while back, I looked at the Logitech SqueezeServer - a software indexer and media content server. This is freely available (Logitech no longer manufacture 'player' devices) and seems to have a decent range of third-party players.

In particular, there is a port of the Logitech SqueezePlay available for the Joggler. SqueezePlay is designed to work with a SqueezeServer. The folks at BirdsLikeWires have done a lot of work on this Player port.

The install is straightforward - good instructions on this at the above link. Once installed, you have a new icon on the Joggler desktop.

Next thing to do is to create yourself an account at - this allows online management of all of your players.

Then, on the Joggler, fire up SqueezePlay & enter the details of your new account via the Settings/Registration and Settings/mysqueezebox page. Now the fun starts …

You can access your music library in a variety of ways. I was especially keen to be able to use my android phone as a 'remote control'. The 'Logitech SqueezeBox Controller' app is freely available from the Google Play store. It works really well.

Next, I wanted to have a 'Player' on my Android phone (so I could wear a headset and wander around). There is a 'paid for' app that does the job well - it goes by the name of SqueezePlayer. This installed and worked seamlessly. With a bit of dyndns type work, I could access my media library via 3G as well as WiFi.

A really neat feature is the ability to 'synchronise' a number of players. The synchronise facility isn't available on all Players (as it needs specific capabilities on the target platform) but it IS implemented on the Joggler. From the 'settings' menu, select 'sync' to see a list of other players. Select the players that you want to sync with. It works surprisingly well … no sign of any delay between the players (even the slightest delay can be most annoying). Any player (or controller) can control all 'synced' players - plenty of possibility for whole house audio here.

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