From some experiments by DK

Restrict a given .app file to only be able to run on a certain Cybiko

Whilst thinking about how much time and effort is being spent on refining the serialrelay code, the following idea came to mind.

Each Cybiko has a unique, factory assigned, CyId. The string representation of this is seven chars long and can be found printed on the label on the back of any Cybiko.

The SDK allows us to retrieve the Id of a cybiko unit with the get_own_id() call. The actual string which matches the id printed on the Cybiko is had be calling the cyid2str function.

It's then a simple matter to have the application check to see whether it is being run on an 'approved' unit.

However, a caveat. It looks as if the CyId is not hardcoded in ROM, but held in flash. Info from Cydevr states that it can be changed from the console … 'open the console, type id @your id from the back of the unit and hit enter.'

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