Altering Bootup Text

Credit goes to Athlor for coming up with this one.

When the cybiko classic boots up you get a text screen that says


This is pretty damn annoying so here are two hacks that can remove it or replace it with your own message.

Here is the recipe to change this to whatever you want and for those of you who just want it gone grab this file.

Auto Update UK 1.3.58 for classic cybiko

Download and install the tool resource hacker.

Open the file autoupdater.exe

Use the tool Resource Hacker to save AutoUpdate.exe's resource 2010 (CyOS flash) as a .res resource file. Then modified the text with a hex editor, saved it and used Resource Hacker to replace resource 2010 with the modified resource 2010 file.

Evidently the flash's checksum is generated just before it sends it to the Cybiko so this works perfectly. All the other files are there as resources as well as the scripts to make the install work.

Download and install the tool hexedit.

Run hexedit and locate the string “MORE THAN” and changed all the characters to SPACE, resave your modified .RES as something other than the original in case you make a mistake.

Now replace the RESOURCE fork with the modified .RES file that you changed with HEXEDIT.

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