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 +======WalkTree Things to Fix======
 +===== low   =====
 +  * [code] When a <​reference>​ is made to an <sql> tag by name the tree label shows the reference:​name attribute instead of the label associated with the datasource.
 +<sql name="​MyDynamicSQL"​ label="​My Label">​ <​reference table="​MyDynamicSQL"> ​
 +MyDynamicSQL is shown in the tree instead of "My Label" → BE 
 +  * [code] Naming convention of <​reference>​ tag does not reflect the fact that a reference can be to a source other than a table. Need to change this attribute name. → BE 
 +  * [design] Duplicate code between WSql & WTable with respect to the implementation of the WDataSource interface. (Moved into SqlUtils.java) → BE