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 +======Introduction ======
 +{{ gpslcd.jpg }}
 +This project details how to connect a [[http://​www.garmin.com/​|Garmin]] GPS unit to a Futurlec [[http://​www.futurlec.com/​ATDevBoard.shtml|AT90S2313 development board]] and decode the [[NMEA]] protocol onto an LCD display. The LCD display will cycle through the following information;​ Longitude, Latitude and the current date/time, holding each one for 2 seconds.
 +[[GpsLcdSource|GPS LCD Source code]] as a {{gpslcd.zip|ZIP file}}
 +=====What is needed=====
 +^ Hardware ^ Description ^
 +| {{devbrd.gif}} | **Atmel AVR Microcontroller Development System**\\ ​ This kit was kindly provided to me by the friendly people over at http://​www.btinternet.com/​~e2one/​avrbrd/​ |
 +| {{lcd1x16.jpg}} | **1x16 LCD Display** \\ Details of how to wire up a 1x16 display to the development board can be found at http://​www.btinternet.com/​~e2one/​avrbrd/​ (see the LCD Project). If you use a larger display then you will have to modifying the code to suit. |
 +| {{vistapic.gif}} | **GPS Unit** \\ I used an [[http://​www.garmin.com/​products/​etrexVista/​|eTrex Vista]] but any GPS unit that emits the NMEA protocol should be ok. |
 +| {{010-10206-00.gif}} | A GPS to RS232 breakout cable. |
 +| {{avr232cable.gif}} | **AVR board RS232 cable**\\ 4 Pin Molex wired to DB9-F\\ This cable should be supplied with the development board. |
 +| {{nullmodem.gif}} | **Null MODEM Adapter**\\ DB9-M to DB9-M\\ Wiring details for this adapter are given below |
 +====The Software====
 +  * As the ATMEL AT90S2313 only has 2k of code space the demo version of [[http://​www.mcselec.com/​bascom-avr.htm|BASCOM]] can be used without hitting any of it's restrictions. ​
 +  * Hyperterminal or any suitable terminal emulation package. Useful for making sure that your GPS unit is tranmitted data. 
 +======GPS to Computer======
 +First we make sure that your GPS unit is transmitted NMEA data. 
 +  * Connect the GPS-RS232 cable to your GPS unit 
 +  * Plug the cable into your computer ​
 +  * Fire up your terminal emulator and configure to 4800 baud, 8 data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit. 4800-N81 ​
 +You should see a stream of communication beginning with the $ sign. The one that we are interested in is [[nmea#​gprmc]]
 +$PGRMM,WGS 84*06
 +======GPS to AVR board======
 +The RS232 cable that comes with AVR development board is wired as a DTE, as the GPS unit is also a DTE we need an adapter.
 +You need to purchase or make a short cable to join the two, this is sometimes called a NULL modem cable and simply swaps pins 2 and 3 over.
 +Below is a wiring diagram for the 9 pin connectors
 +{{ db9_null_dumb.png }}
 +^ Connector1 ^ Connector2 ^ Function ^
 +| 2 | 3 | Rx <- Tx |
 +| 3 | 2 | Tx -> Rx |
 +| 5 | 5 | Signal ground |